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The New City Wah developers are making the investors proud and confident about their investment in their projects. So far, the developers have come up with several projects to entertain investors from the surrounding areas and the twin cities. Lastly, here are the details of the projects.

Payment Plan 2022

New City Paradise

The new city phase 3 or New City Paradise, is the latest project of the developers. The housing projects offer high-quality architecture for both residential and commercial investments. Moreover, the most lucrative aspect is the housing complex has approval from the Punjab Housing and Town Planning (PHATA). Lastly, the investment here will yield many benefits as it offers the best eco-friendly and lucrative facilities for all investors.

New City Phase II

The housing project is an extension of the new city housing project. The developers are familiar with the investors’ needs and eager to create something that fulfils the conditions and the wishes of all investors at the best and inexpensive rates. The most critical factor for all investors is all essential and high-end commodities in the single-gated community.


New City Phase 1

The first project that caught the investor’s eye was the new city phase I. the developers were willing to make it the best living space for the developers looking for the best living standards at inexpensive rates. Therefore, the developers have come up with the site and facilities available in the single community, making it an excellent residential investment in the town. Lastly, the site is on the M1 Motorway, making it highly accessible for residents from the twin cities.

Avalon Plaza

The commercial plaza is also one of its king commercial facilities available in the community. The developers are seeking to create to it the best and one of its kind commercial investment for all. Most importantly, premium quality offices will help make profitable deals here. Lastly, The secure environment will also prosper the enterprise and produce more corporate leads.

New City Arcade

The new city arcade is another business and commercial investment option by the developers. The infrastructure and the prices rates will be in the range of most investors. Furthermore, the developers are claiming to make Asia’s biggest waterfall here. The availability of the shops and entertainment area will add value to the investors and the residents living nearby regions.

Business Square

New city phase II will have the Business Square near the main boulevard. Moreover, the developers are willing o make it the best and long-term commercial investment that will help in yielding higher monetary gains and profits. The plazas will have shops, food courts, and offices. All these features will help enhance living standards and also help in making massive financial cash flows.

Payment Plan

The price rates are highly reasonable with the buying power of the majority of investors. Moreover, the rates are highly payable as they have the most manageable instalment plan available. Therefore, the owners ensure that the investment here can make the ideal and reliable and sustainable asset for all. Moreover, the final rates will be from PKR 1,850,000/- to PKR 6,750,000/-. Lastly, other details are extensively available in the Payment Plan Table.

New City Paradise Pre launch prices

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