New city paradise File Verification is mandatory for making a reliable and sustainable real estate investment. Moreover, residential investments are usually lifetime investments, as investors do not do them very often. Therefore, the housing complex has ensured that all investors find the best living solution in the community. Furthermore, developers have delivered previous projects like New City Phase 1 and 2 that are enough to grab the attention of the investors. Therefore, the blog will cover the residing project’s details and the file verification process.

Owners & Developers

The new city housing project developers are constructing this residing space. Moreover, Chaudry Saad and Qamar Zaman are the title holders of this venture. The reason for investing here is the credibility of the developers who have proved themselves reliable in the real estate industry. Furthermore, the New City Wah Phase 1 and 2 are the previous projects that ensure that the developers are notable in the real estate field.


The site is, again, the best aspect of investment in the community and one of the reasons why invest in new city paradise. Moreover, it is on the M1 motorway, close to the Burhan Interchange. Therefore, the site will be highly accessible from the CPEC Route and the GT Road, making it the ideal and most valuable residential investment. Most importantly, for the ease of future investors, the housing venture will have two entrances. The first entrance will be on M1 Motorway, and the other is from GT Road. However, New city paradise File Verification will be a plus to make it more valuable.

NOC Status

The best aspect of investing in this housing venture is the project has authorization from the concerned departments. The Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) are granting this housing project legitimacy. Furthermore, approved housing ventures are usually the more trustworthy and profitable options. Most importantly, the developers want to make it the one-stop residential investment for a long-term asset, which is visible because of the project’s legitimacy. So, if investors are wondering if the New City Paradise NOC is approved or not? Then yes, this is a genuine housing complex.

New City Paradise File Verification

New city paradise File Verification is the viable and mandatory aspect of buying property files. Moreover, investors must double-check before buying it to avoid any inconvenience later. Most importantly, several options will be available, but investors must look for authorized dealers and expert realtors to get original files. Lastly, to avoid falling prey to the scam, here are a few tricks that all investors must know.

Verify Application Number

The first aspect that all investors must look at for the New city paradise File Verification is the look at the application number. The application number available in each file must be the same as the note attached at the file’s end. If both numbers are the same, it indicates that the file is authentic. Therefore, we can say that it is the manual and the easiest way of file verification. Most importantly, all investors can do it without any professional guidance.

Online File Verification

In today’s age of technology, investors and buyers can take advantage of it and verify their files. Moreover, the New city paradise File Verification is an easy process because of the provision of the online portal. Therefore, access will be available soon to all investors, especially for the ease of overseas investors. But, most importantly, the process will be more transparent and feasible for checking the authenticity of the files.

Payment Plan Schedule

The file should have the overall instalment and prices range. Moreover, there will be a payment schedule written in the files. Unfortunately, investors often do not pay attention to the instalment and payment procedure. Therefore, they have to face the inconvenience later. Nevertheless, the schedule is available in the file, and it is viable to check beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

Optimal Guidance

The most vital aspect that all investors overlook regarding the New City paradise File Verification is seeking guidance. Moreover, investors often fall into the trap of unofficial and unauthorized dealers and fall prey to scams. Furthermore, it is a long-term and precious investment that might require massive monetary investments. Most importantly, there will be several expert realtors that will be offering vital investment guidance to everyone. So, seek professional and authentic advice.  


New city paradise File Verification is the lengthy yet vital aspect of purchasing authentic plots files and properties. Moreover, developers are making the most lucrative and ideal residential investment for everyone, including locations and prices, attracting investors to make a perfect investment. But, most importantly, file verification is the tricky part to which all investors should pay maximum attention. Most importantly, taking guidance from professional and authentic realtors will help investors make valuable and sustainable investments. Lastly, similar helpful information will be available at the New City Paradise site; stay updated.