New city paradise investment is a worthwhile decision for everyone from the Wah and adjacents. Moreover, several facilities will be available to enhance living standards. Furthermore, the site will make the investment decision more evident for the investor, as it is highly accessible from vital landmarks. Most importantly, this is an approved housing venture among several services and features available in the community. The high investment rates here are because the future residents trust the developers. Lastly, the blog will explain several reasons to invest in this latest housing community.

New City Paradise

The housing community will be available at the Wah in the Rawalpindi District. Moreover, investors from the twin cities will easily access the location because it has several nearby landmarks. Most importantly, there will be the trust factor among the investors because of the previous projects of the developers. Like, New City Wah phase 1 and phase 2 are examples that encourage investors to make profitable investment decisions. Lastly, new city paradise investment is a feasible option for all investors from the country and overseas.

New City Paradise Investment Benefits

Several benefits are involved in investing in this new housing venture. Moreover, there are countless reasons, but here are some spectacular and lucrative ones.

Legal Housing Project

The New City Paradise investment is trustworthy and long-term because of its legal status. Moreover, the housing complex has approval from the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA). Furthermore, this trust factor is the most vital aspect of investing here because it makes the investment more sustainable. Therefore, this newly launched project has all the answers for investors looking for a good living space.

Renowned Owners & Developers

The City Housing Project developers are doing this project. Moreover, Chaoudrey Saad and Qamar Zamam are the owners of this new residential space. Furthermore, the housing project is the extension of the new city phases and is also known as New city phase 3. The developers are famous for creating spaces for all investors that are highly affordable yet offer world-class facilities. So, the reliability of the developers is another aspect that will help make the long-term asset here.

Ideal Location

The new city paradise investment is viable because of the prime location, which is highly accessible from the twin cities. Furthermore, the site will be on M1 Motorway, just a 0 km distance from the Burhan Interchange. And it will be accessible through the GT Road and the M1 Motorway. Moreover, its closeness to CPEC Route makes the investment opportunity more reliable and profitable. Lastly, as we know, the Wah comes in the Rawalpindi District, making it one of the best residential investment options for the surrounding areas.

Reasonable Properties

The developers are making new city paradise investments more attractive because of the affordable prices. Moreover, pre-launched rates available make the investment opportunity more efficient for the investors. Furthermore, instalments are also part of the package, making it a more feasible option for investors as they can pay the total amount according to their preferences and pace. Lastly, the properties’ prices will range from PKR 1,850,000/- to PKR 6,750,000/-. The website will keep sharing the latest payment plans as they receive them.

Commercial Zone

Commercial setup and facilities will be available in the community to make the investors and the residents economically independent. Moreover, the developers are using a premium-quality architecture that will, in return, help make the best business deals. Furthermore, the sizes available will be official by the developers soon, which will be feasible to make any business venture prosper. Lastly, the secured environment will facilitate the investors in making the finest deals here.

Health Care & Educational Services

The developers offer the best international standards to all investors and future residents. Moreover, schools and colleges will show the updated international curriculum. Furthermore, the fees will be minimal so that all residents can attain a quality education. Most importantly, the medical units will have access to the latest gadgets and the tools required to help the investors with the best services in a medical emergency. All these facilities will be affordable at minimal prices, making them highly accessible to all.

Secured Gated Community

The housing venture is a secure residential space for all investors, making it a feasible investment option. Moreover, the latest technology will help in experiencing more peace and protection. Furthermore, security guards will also ensure that no hazards occur in the community, increasing the living standards of all prospective residents. Lastly, these services will also increase the investment rates, and the investors wish to make new city paradise investments.


 New city paradise investment has a variety of perks and privileges. Therefore, investors from the twin cities are looking for an ideal investment here. Moreover, the developers are renowned and already in the field, making the investment more trustworthy. Furthermore, the project is also known as the New City Phase 3, mainly because it is the extension of the first two phases. Most importantly, its legal status is a fascinating aspect of investment. All the other benefits make it a suitable investment option for the twin cities. The project specifics will be accessible on the New City Paradise website; keep updated with it.